Homework 2

Due: Thursday, February 6th

Read: Heim 1982, Chapter 1, sections 1 and 2 (pp. 9--39)

but skim the sections that you don't need for answering the questions.

Answer the following questions (questions marked with * are optional):

1a. What is Russell's analysis of the indefinite article?

1b. What evidence against Russell's analysis does Heim give? 

2a. What is Geach's proposal (section 1.2)?

2b. What is the main argument against Geach's proposal?

3a*. What is Kripke's analysis?

3b*. What's wrong with Kripke's analysis?

4a. What is an E-type pronoun?

4b*. What problems are there for the E-type analysis?

5a*. What's the ambiguity analysis?

5b*. What's wrong with the ambiguity analysis?

6a. Why are donkey sentences problematic for Russell's analysis?

6b. ... for Geach's analysis?

6c*. ... for the Grice-Kripke-Lewis kind of analysis?

6d*. ... for the E-type analysis?