Introduction to Pragmatics: Exam Information

Dates and times for the AP exam

Note: The exams for Introduction to Semantics and Introduction to Pragmatics will be held simultaneously. You will take one or the other, but not both.

How to study

Here is a summary of all of the homework questions (except Homework 1, where you are reporting data collected from native speakers, and the logic part). I have marked with a red arrow all of the questions that you should study. If you know the answers to these questions, then you should do fine on the exam.

Before answering the questions, you should review the lecture notes and the required readings.

Then, you can quiz yourself on the red-arrow questions and then check your answers based on the model answers.

The exam questions will cover the same ideas, but they won't necessarily be identical, so make sure you understand why the model answer is correct.

If you don't understand, then ASK QUESTIONS!!!!!!! I don't bite!!!!


You will be given an AP grade based on the following scheme:

AP gradeExam score
5.0below 50

You will also receive bonus points for each homework assignment that you did well on.

Homework scoreReward
75-801 bonus point
80-902 bonus points
90-1003 bonus points

For example, if you got 84% on four of the homework assignments, and 92% on two of them, then you will 14 bonus points (2*4+3*2 =14).

BN information

In order to get a BN, you need at least 40% on 5/6 of the homework assignments and an overall average above 60%.