Introduction to Pragmatics: Homework 2

Echoing the title of Grice's classic 1975 article entitled Logic and Conversation, this assignment has two parts:

Both parts are due before class on the date specified on the syllabus, but it is highly recommended that you finish the logic assignment and read Grice before the fourth class meeting (the one after the logic lecture, when we will discuss conversational implicatures).

This assignment is slightly longer than normal, because we have eliminated the logic prerequisite. Please make sure to start early and ask plenty of questions.

Part I: Logic

Reading: Exercises: Again, you will submit your answers through an online form:

Part II: Conversational Implicatures

Required Reading: Optional Reading (highly recommended; also auf Deutsch): Exercises: Online form for submission:

All answers must be submitted through the on-line form. Paper submissions will not be accepted.

Email Liz ( or the TAs (,, if you have any questions.