EGG 2019: Introduction to Semantics

Textbook: Invitation to Formal Semantics by Elizabeth Coppock and Lucas Champollion

Week 1

Monday (Lecture 1): Entailment (Slides)

Tuesday (Lecture 2): Propositional logic and Introduction to Predicate Logic (Slides)

Wednesday (Lecture 3): Quantification in Predicate Logic (Part I and Part II)

Thursday (Lecture 4): Function application (Slides)

Friday (Lecture 5): Negative concord with special guest Hedde Zejlstra! + Lambda calculator demo (exercise file)


Week 2

Monday (Lecture 6): Predicate Modification and Predicate Abstraction (Slides)

Tuesday (Lecture 7): Problem of Quantifiers in Object Position + Presupposition (Slides)

Wednesday (Lecture 8): Dynamic semantics (Slides)

Thursday (Lecture 9): Tense and aspect (Slides)

Friday (Lecture 10): Intensional smeantics (Slides)